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And then there were nun(s)??

I finally got home today and was besieged by the entire Mormon congregation of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in my parking lot. At first I thought the rains had come and brought about a great flood and they had … Continue reading

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Last Breath, First Light

Darkness closing in with every gaspBreaths come painfully and with a raspStruggling to keep life within my graspReaching for a door and finding the hasp Trying to open it, but failing that taskFumbling like a drunk after the whole wine … Continue reading

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Like Two Ships Passing in the Kabul Night

I wanted to run You wanted to hide The fear made you cower My adrenaline heightened my power In the face of fire In the rain and hell You looked my way and you could tell I had no quit, … Continue reading

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Life After War

Everyone always sees it before you do. Maybe you never see it. You’re still high on the adrenaline rush that comes with being the Army of One, handling multi-million dollar pieces of equipment, and carrying and using weapons that people … Continue reading

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