Raising Minimum Wage: Some thoughts beyond yes and no…

1) Raising the minimum wage placates the public but does nothing for the cause of the problem. 2) 89 years of continuous over-spending by the government is at the root of the issue and has not been dealt with, nor do they seem prepared to deal with it. 3) America has fallen in every category of world rankings from education to manufacturing. Where America has risen are rankings for national debt, bullying, consumer debt, and IMPORTS.  4) McDonald’s is primarily considered unskilled labor.  In construction, there is simple unskilled labor as well, but there are skilled positions, at least as defined by the IRS.  Most of them would be Craftsmen, versus the Wall Street definition of skilled, meaning Technical… but in the end, both of those institutions are a part of the problem, as we’ve seen, and are not likely to resolve.  5) You’ll have to raise the minimum wage if you want anyone to pay the taxes to cover the new blanket minimum wage, which also affect contract employees, which in turn affects the bids on government jobs, which in turn are paid for… yes, by the taxpayer.

Companies, which are run by profit-seeking individuals, driven to show profit margins for Wall Street and stock holders, as well as to command their salary and bonuses, will simply continue to move actual production jobs overseas.  I can walk in nearly any store and look at something like Canned Tuna, and not see a single can that didn’t come from overseas.  

It used to be that “Imported” had some sort of aura for people.  People my age remember when it was a big deal for someone to say something was “Imported” and charge accordingly.  Now, it’s all imported, including the $1 wooden L-bracket at the Dollar Tree.  Now how pathetic is it that it is cheaper to import a small piece of wood from China or Indonesia than to get it here in the states. All of the fishing that we certainly used to do in this country, and a grocery store may only have shelves full of tuna from Vietnam… and that is a very real example.

So America is a Service Industry Nation with empty container ships leaving and bottom-dragging container ships anchored en masse to come in and off-load.

The balance no longer exists to support the framework of raising minimum wage and have it mean something.  It’s bandaid attempt where the bandaid will not stick.  To cover the cost of the new wages, prices for all items will go up. That is economic fact.  

The result is we’re right back to where we started, and we will continue to get back to Start faster and faster as this ship continues to roll over on its side.  Everyone knows, if nothing else from the recent Korean ferry sinking, that every ship reaches the point of no return where it is completely rolling over and sinking.  People should also realize that there is a point in that roll, even as it’s easing over on its side, where people think there is still time to get out, but the truth is there is little to no chance of escape and survival, because the boat is taking on water and creates its own suction to pull escapees back in and down with the ship.

That is where this nation stands.  The idealism of minimum wage plays well with the uneducated and miopic people, but at some point, preferrably prior to the Titanic going under, people will see this cycle I’ve mentioned, happening so fast, that it’s happening more than once withint THEIR own lifetime, so they can wake up and realize that we have to hammer Washington and retake this nation’s manufacturing and farming, etc. position that we once held.

Do you know that with as few as 12 key sub-stations, the power grid across the country (minus Texas – we have our own) can go down? Did you know that the replacement equipment required to get a single station back up and running is made… to order… in Korea?  

For any number of reasons, from terrorists to natural disaster, large portions to nearly all of the nation is vulnerable to widespread, long-term power outages… meaning many months or longer.  As they try to bring the system back online, for any significant area, the same thing happens as it does in smaller areas… other parts of the system fail due to overload… so with larger areas, no one will risk powering up any one area until the whole system is completely repaired.

Why do I bring this up?  Because right now, America only has the framework to support 30 million people, and our population is grossly beyond that number.  

So the Minimum Wage Law is really a placating bandaid to a “minor” symptom of complete system meltdown.

There’s no scare tactic here; just simple fact.  There is a point of no return to any system, be it economic, scientific, medical, physical, etc.

In far less time than it took to run up half of the current national debt, we have more than doubled it in the past 4-5 years, with far more coming, and we have lost financial standing, which only contributes to the issue.

When we lose World Reserve Currency Status, and we will in the near future, the dollar will be completely worthless and all of the American dollars in world circulation will come flooding back into this country.

China has been hoarding gold for the past 10 years. They have replaced the use of dollars as WRC by creating deals with Australia. The estimates are that this impacts about 25% of the use of the dollar, thus causing the dollar to lose value.

China wants to replace the dollar as WRC with its yuen, which will be gold-backed… meaning the same thing it has in this nation, prior to Nixon, where a paper dollar had it’s value in gold set aside and that dollar could be exchanged for its equivalent value in gold.

That is a real value and nations will want that because it is obviously stronger than dollars backed by promises… and nothing more.

SO this is not really as simple a matter as people think.  It’s like playing Jenga, and any one simple stick could be the one to topple the tower depending on the skill of the person touching it.

Eventually, the hitch pin is all that’s left to get pulled and it all comes tumbling down.

People against raising the minimum wage are also for a lot of other things because ALL of those things need to get done.  But myopic individuals, banded into sects of society, such as the  impoverished, single-parent families, etc., are too desparate already to now see that and the focus becomes a name-calling battle of hatred over minimum wage…

…all while the President goes and spends another Million Dollars on playing golf.

How about the President pay back those millions spent by his family (and extended family) from golf and vacations and shopping, and put that into paying off the national debt.  Wait… you can’t pay off a debt with borrowed money.

Yes… golf and family outings got cut long ago for the rest of the majority of America… so maybe it’s time the POTUS took a few for The Gipper.

No one wants anyone to live on the streets. I fully understand that what it means to grow up with nothing and have nothing. I understand survival. Unlike many, I could walk off into the woods and live the rest of my life.  The vast majority of this nation do not have that base of knowledge or experience, so they are left with panic, in place of survival skills.

Begin your own research or choose to ignore the entire picture… either way, what’s happening has been happening and millions of Americans ignoring the elephant to deal with the ants will eventually still deal with the elephant… who has never stopped growing… and is beyond easy management any longer.

Most people are not going to actually write all of this. They will say that minimum wage won’t fix the problem… and then a war of words ensues, to no good end.

Few people will (or can) read all the way through a few short paragraphs that I write.  Apparently, the schools no longer teach what the Founding Fathers wrote, because they were clearly not limited to 140-character content.  

It is necessary to write about more than one ant, where there are millions… and you still must face the elephant, who is long since grown beyond Dumbo size.

People have redacted portions of research papers and statements on the climate change, and presidents have told us that there is no climate change or issues to worry about… and yet, right now, in the past few months, the naysayers and sound-bite lovers have been privy to irrefutable factual events that are happening, exactly as stated, DECADES ago.

I, too, was saying these same things DECADES ago.  I already saw a trend as I was studying world history and economics in HIGH SCHOOL, and then it continued to evolve as obvious while studying the same things in college.

People sent to Washington arrive, find thousands of politicians trying to keep their government job and benefits, and that becomes their new objective – NOT fixing our nation, but pork projects to get their constituents to re-elect them.

Honestly, skilled, unskilled, minimum wage… these are all just     small pieces of a multi-thousand piece puzzle and the citizens of this nation can’t even manage to get together on the border pieces, let alone any hope of the inner pieces being matched up and set in place.

That’s my $2 worth, because if you cared enough to make a serious comment, on either side of the original statement, then you deserve more than just 2-cents worth… and when people all decide it’s time to get our $2 worth out of everything, including our runaway government, then that’s when we’ll finally start bailing water out of this sinking ship.

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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 5/21/2014: 4,562 steps and 2 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/26VHGH

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Daily Fitbit stats

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VA Employees Should Be Charged As Mass Murdering Domestic Terrorists In The Deaths Of Veterans

Individuals connected in any manner to VA waiting list scandals, should be charged with Pre-Meditated Murder for each death associated with their respective VA facilities.

Pre-meditated Murder is defined as the crime of wrongfully and intentionally causing the death of another human being after rationally considering the timing or method of doing so, in order to either increase the likelihood of success, or to evade detection or apprehension.

There is no doubt that anyone working for the VA or who is a patient of the VA, understands the likelihood of severity in the conditions of veterans from ANY generation, to include those who may be or may become suicidal.

There is proof of rational consideration, as provided by a number of whistle blowers, not only via testimony, but also emails, etc. that were exchanged.

These individuals knew that the consequences of ANY PATIENT NOT BEING SEEN IN A TIMELY MANNER INCLUDES DEATH.

Anyone stating otherwise is lying.

Every single procedure that is conducted within the VA facilities requires a consent form to be signed by the patient in the presence of witnesses. EVERY single procedure lists DEATH as one of the possible outcomes of the procedure.

Those procedures include everything… even things that seem incredibly mundane to the public, such as toenail trimming. Even that has led to infection, which led to sepsis, which led to Total Organ Failure, which always leads to death.

So, there is no way that anyone working in any medical facility can consider putting off any person’s appointments and not know that the risk of doing so must include death.

They have obviously sought to cover it up, which meets the criteria of evading detection and apprehension.

Moreover, they sought to do so in order to benefit from the “numbers game” they were playing and did in fact receive bonuses.

Now, we have, by definition, MURDER FOR PROFIT.

They should all be charged with pre-meditated murder and sentenced to immediate death by any means, including hanging, firing squad, lethal injection… or quite frankly, starvation at Chernobyl.

Personally, I advocate skinning them alive over the course of many months so that they can all understand what many of their victims, and their family members, experienced.

I not only volunteer as Executioner for any method of death, but would also consider it an honor to administer justice on behalf of the veterans who senselessly gave their lives on American soil, to what amount to Domestic Terrorists.

The VA has long tried to intimidate and deny veterans their healthcare as a means of apparently obtaining bonuses, while also controlling their workload.

The bottom line is that the U.S. government, meaning the White House and Congress, spent the lives of the veterans and now they must find a way to pay the bill. Offering bonuses to government employees, who work for the taxpayers, is never a good use of taxpayer dollars because this is what happens. It is not the first instance, nor will it be the last.

These people have zero rights… because that is how many rights they allowed the veterans who have died due to their greed and inhumanity.

Treat them as mass murderers and domestic terrorists… and do so before veterans decide it’s time to take charge of cleaning up the VA’s house ourselves.

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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 5/19/2014: 9,642 steps and 5 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/26VHGH

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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 5/18/2014: 25,573 steps and 13 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/26VHGH

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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 5/17/2014: 23,987 steps and 12.1 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/26VHGH

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